The Scary Nary (A wicked rhyme)

Children never ventured into the Nary wood. They knew all too well and understood of the dangers that fell, and tales that were told, and retold again; stories of now and then. # They were handed down by infinite numbers of older sisters and older brothers, of brood before and since brood began. You mustContinue reading “The Scary Nary (A wicked rhyme)”


CHAPTER 1 NATE Had you shaken a snow globe, then flash-froze it, the action, though unmoving, would still be expressed. This was the appearance of Nate Jackson. His eyes welled with a horrid vision, his hands clenched something that wasn’t there, and his mouth stretched open cupping a moan that never emerged as his motionless body layContinue reading “CAUGHT IN PIE TOWN”


     “Mortem praeparare meum novum maximum cofectio!”Adolf Van De Groot bellows from the mezzanine above a gathering of chocolate makers in the grand hall of the Van De Groot Chocolaterie located in the heart of Brussels.       His commanding voice reverberates through the hallowed hall with the reverence of his great ancestors, “I haveContinue reading “THE FLAVORIST”