MASCOTTE The pitch and roll of the ship were magnified at the topgallant of the mizzenmast where Allen Markum stood during the dogwatch or evening post. Aboard a schooner, the Ameritas, he proudly road the seas stargazed and stared beyond the foremast where the ship’s figurehead, a horrific sea monster named Mascotte, was sculpted into […]

THE SCARY NARY  Children never ventured into the Nary wood. They knew all too well and understood of the dangers that fell, and stories that were told, and retold again; old stories of now and then.   They were handed down by infinite numbers of older sisters and older brothers, of brood before and since […]

  PIE TOWN       CH 1 TRAPPED Bursting awake struggling to breathe, the smell of kerosene permeates the available air. His body rocks back and forth without conditions. His sight is blackened as he urges his eyes to open, only to realize that they are. Straining to make sense of his surroundings FBI […]