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“Spring: The Unexpected.”

You might not always have time to sit down and read a novel, and you miss that. Life has become so hectic for so many, short stories give you something new to experience in five minutes or an hour. And if you don’t read them all, no problem.

“Autumn – an anthology.”

A collection of short stories from ten writers, some new, some veterans. They will make you laugh, perhaps cry, or even have chills crawl up your spine. 

TOLERANCE, a collection of short stories by ten authors.

Authors: Alleta Bee, Allison Medrum, Ana Lipster, Brandon Claude, Henya Drescher, Karen Crawford, Kevin Urban, Jonathan Byrd, Kathleen Osborne, Soleah K. Sadge.


The Captain’s Sweater

Then, as if spontaneously generated from the ice, a monstrous white bear appeared. With two immense leaps, she was within reach of Adam, who turned when the men aboard the ship cried out.

A Death At The Moreno

His figure descended, blending with the murky darkness until he passed a rocky ledge. There, his body vanished as if sucked into a vacuum cleaner.

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